Access Access 2003 Carriage Return Insertion

Jul 11, 2017
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I know this is probably covered somewhere, but I have spent a long time trying to find help on what would seem to be a very simple matter. I am having to use an old version of Access where I have created a DB. On the main form there is a Memo field where comments are entered. Via a command button I am trying to insert a new line at the top of the box pushing the text down and inserting the date, leaving the cursor at the end of the date for the user to write.

I have used the following but can not get the new line to work, existing text is deleted. I don't want entry or exit functions involved.

Private Sub Insert_Comment_Click()

Me.Comments.Locked = False
Me.Comments.SelStart = 0
Me.Comments.SelLength = 0
Me.Comments = Chr(13)
Me.Comments = Date

End Sub

Any help would be appreciated! Novice


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