Send To Mail Recipient Issue - Windows 7 & Outlook 2007



Right-clicking on a file and selecting Send To Mail Recipient doesn't attach
the file to an email in Outlook 2007 any more. It believe tha it used to,
but at some point this functionality disappeared on my laptop. It still
works just fine on my desktop machine though. One difference between the two
machines is that the laptop was upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 while the
desktop was a clean Windows 7 install.

I don't know if it's related, but I also lost the ability to drag and drop
files into an Outlook email message.

I've checked that Outlook is the default for all things related to mail as
well as verifying that it is associated with the URL:MailToProtocol.

Any other suggestions on what I can try to figure this issue out?



I meant to mention in my original post that I also uninstalled and
reinstalled Outlook to no avail.

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