Send Object not working



On an Access97 form, on an OnClick event I initiate a...
DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "rptMyReport"

The procedure fails with...
RunTime error 2046
The Command or Action 'Send Object' is'nt available now.

I know I've used SendObject successfully in the past... I've even answered
some posts here regarding the SendObject function.

I checked my references, the .mdb is not ReadOnly, although I always use
module code the SendObject Action does display in the Macro command list,
and I tried the MSKB on "Error 2046" "Send Object not available" etc...
etc.. with no luck.

Really weird... is this a known bug/problem? Never have seen it on these
NGs, and I'm very surpised I didn't find more on this on the web.

Any help greatly appreciated...
Al Camp




Problem solved!
I had removed Outlook when I had first installed my system and used just OE
for my Email and NG work.
I re-installed it, and that fixed the File/Send and SendObject problem.
Al Camp

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