Semi Colon Deliminated File



The software that I use requires a specific format in order to upload data.
Is there a way to save a file with a semi colon as a deliminator. I can save
as a comma file and then import into word pad, then repalce with a semi
colon. There has to be a better way.


Dave Peterson

You can change your windows list separator to a semi colon.

Go to windows control panel, regional and language options|Regional options tab
then click customize and look for List separator on the Numbers tab.

I'd change it back when you're done--it's a windows setting and you may not like
it as your default.

Another option would be to use a macro.

You could use a macro and write code and have complete control over what you

Here are three sites that you could steal some code from:

Earl Kiosterud's Text Write program:
(or directly:

Chip Pearson's:

J.E. McGimpsey's:

Earl's program may work right out of the box.


??? I have asked the same question. The quote from a programmer was: "Our
largest client wants it this way." Go figure.

Peo Sjoblom

I believe it's the default format for continental Europe, so maybe they do
business with Europe

One way (in windows xp) is to do windows>start>control panel> regional
settings, click customize and change list separator from comma to semicolon.
That way when you save as *.CSV it will replace the commas with semicolon.
Of course you need to remember to change it back when you are done. Don't
know if that's easier than to open it in a text program and replace them.
OTOH there are quite a lot of code out there for exporting excel files using
other delimiters. McGimpsey's website is down at the moment

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