How do I export Excel in a semi-colon delimited format?



I would like to export an Excel worksheet in a semi-colon delimited format
instead of a comma delimited format. Is that possible?


Hi Earl

Great job. Two things that would be great, if I may.

1) I like the browse button, but that is for opening a program. You might
want to label it as such. I was looking for a way to change the folder the
file saves in. Which, due to proximity, was what I expected. You should put a
mention in that the output is saved relative to your file, not the source.

2) I would like to have delimiters around empty cells in rows. It would be
nice, especially if you define an explicit area for export. Some rows have
all columns filled, others do not. I see that it puts in delims if there is a
non-empty cell a few columns over to the right. The other idea would be for
the macro to scan the worksheet, determine the right-most column used and
then rip the sheet.



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