Selective database splitting



Is there a way to select the specific tables you want to split for sharing
across a network while other tables will remain local to each users system?
I specifically want to keep a version control table local to the system
rather than having it split with the other tables.



You can export individual tables from Tables windows. Right click on the
individual table and export it to the approrpriate backend.

The other option you have to to export everything and setup the links. Then
you can delete the local link to the approproate table and import just the
selected table(s) form the back end. I don't know how many tables you have
so I don't know which would be the fastest.

Good luck.



I appreciate your suggestion and did export the one table to my existing
back-end although how do I now link that table to the front-end so that it
knows that it's a linked table like the others?

Armen Stein

In Access 2003 (and 2000, I expect, and maybe earlier versions), Tools >>
Database Utilities >> Linked Table Manager. I think it will be clear enough
once you get there. For Access 2007, I'm afraid I do not know offhand.

If you want a more automated approach to relinking tables, you're
welcome to use our free J Street Access Relinker on our J Street
Downloads page: It's much nicer than Linked Table

It handles multiple Access back-end databases, ignores ODBC linked
tables, and can automatically and silently relink to back-end
databases in the same folder as the application (handy for work
databases or single-user scenarios). There's a ReadMe table with

It doesn't touch local tables, so you are free to use them for your
version control technique. We use local tables for things like that

Armen Stein
Microsoft Access MVP

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