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chris M

In the qbe window, I would like to chose to select groups of records, For
example, in the FORM LETTER field, I want to select groups of records of
either j,k, or L that would select all of the j and k and L records, OR type
in either b, c, or d to select only, but all of, the b, c, and d records. I
dont want JKL and BCD records all at one time. I have played around and
played around with the "OR rows, and operators, parenthesis, etc, but I
cant get it to work. Either I get both sets and groups of records or just
records from 1 letter only. Help! I also thought of trying to name j,k, and L
records as "blue" and b, c, and d records as "green" and then select either
blue or green but I dont know if that will make it work, or how to do it.

Individual letters I can get to work no problem, its just groups of recs at
one time that is the problem.

Take Care, and thanks for the help, in advance. Regards, chris

Dale Fye

No easy way to do what you are looking for (from a query), but relatively
easy from a form, or by working with a table. If I wanted to select certain
records, based on the first letter of a particular field, I might try:

SELECT * FROM yourTable
WHERE LEFT(NZ([SomeField], " "),1) >= [Start letter]
AND LEFT(NZ([SomeField], " "), 1) <= [End letter]

With this query, you would get two pop-up boxes to input the first letter
for the query (b) and another for the last letter (c).

Another way to approach this would be to have a table of letters
(tbl_Letters) with one field for the letter (A-Z) and another field
(IsSelected (Yes/No)). Then you could just put a checkbox in the letters you
wanted and uncheck all the others, and write a query:

FROM yourTable
JOIN tbl_Letters
ON Left(NZ(yourTable.SomeField, " ", 1) = tbl_Letters.Letter
WHERE tbl_Letters.IsSelected = True


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John Spencer

You can try the following and see if it works for you.

Field: WhateverField
Table: WhateverTable
Criteria: LIKE "[" & [Enter Letters in order] & "]*"

Then you can enter specific letters or a range of letters such as A-D.
I believe this will work for you. If not, post back for an alternative

John Spencer
Access MVP 2002-2005, 2007-2008
Center for Health Program Development and Management
University of Maryland Baltimore County

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