Selecting a diff. worksheet but same cell references using Validat



Hi Team,

I'm wanting to (I think) use the Validation list tool to return sheet
references. I do not want to use macros.

I have multiple sheets all with the same row and column headings but with
specific company data in the cells.

i want to copy the sheet format such that the 'Selector' sheet can reference
whichever tab with multiple cell references.

eg Instead of Sheet1!A5 Sheet1!B5 Sheet1!C5 etc.
Sheet1!A6 Sheet1!B6 Sheet1!C6

I want <Sheet>A5 <Sheet>B5 <Sheet>C5
<Sheet>A6 <Sheet>B6 <Sheet>C6

where the <Sheet> can be selected from a drop down menu. This will allow me
to drive graphs where the user can change the company they wish to view.


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