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Raymond A. Gonzalez

I have a surgical patient database that amoung other things sorts lists of
patients by their surgical date. The patients information is included in a
linked table tblPatientLog. One query, qryPatientLog sorts out records with
incomplete data and returns only the good records. A second query,
qrySurgeryList filters the qryPatientLog to return records of patients that
are not cancelled. This last query is the basis for frmSurgery which has a
combo box for the field Surgery Date that is linked to a text box for
surgery date on the form's subform which lists certain pertinent information
for each of the patient records it returns. The problem I have is that when
the surgery date field is changed in the combo box , it changes the first
record of the current records on the screen to that of the new date that I
was searching by. Is this because the surgery date combo box is bound the
recordset, and when I change the value of the combo box I am actually
changing the value of the surgery date field in the first record of the
record set it is bound to? Can this be fixed by making the combo box an
unbound field and querying its values from a table with just date values
that I want to use? Will this work?

Thanks ahead for the help....

[MVP] S.Clark

Yes. In form header, add another combobox to perform this function. Add the
code to the form to perform the search.

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