Date query from datasheet in subform



I have a database of diabetic patients. I have a form that has all the
patient info, like name, address, etc. I think have a subform that is a
datasheet view that has all the lab results of this patient. I would like to
run a query to see what patients do not have lab results in the last 6
months. I can't do a Between date, as it will pull the dates between those
dates, but could still have a lab in the last 6 months. What I need, and
don't know if i can be done, is a query that only queries the last record in
the subfrom. Possible? Thanks




Try this --
SELECT Patient_Table.*
FROM Patient_Table LEFT JOIN LabTest ON Patient_Table.PatientID =
WHERE Patient_Table.PatientID <> (SELECT [XX].PatientID FROM LabTest AS [XX]
WHERE [XX].Lab_Date >= DateAdd("m", -6, Date()) AND Patient_Table.PatientID =
ORDER BY Patient_Table.PatientID;

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