Select multiple e-mails for linking to opportunity record in BCM



While both the MS site and the Help function indicate that it is possible to
link multiple e-mails simultaneously to a business opportunity record, I am
unable to do this. Has anybody learned the trick?

My situation is that I have huge folders full of hundreds of e-mails -- I
would like to link them all to an opportunity record without doing each one!

mrtimpeterson via


I believe the only option you have is to manually go into each message 1 by 1
and click on "Link to Record" in the upper right ribbon of the message in
order to select the opportunity that you want to link the message directly to.

Interestingly, any emails linked to the Business Contact that is linked to an
Opportunity will not display in the opportunity history because the linked
Business Contact is the parent of the Opportunity (child) record that is
linked and the Business Contact's emails will not pass up through the
Opportunity but rather just directly display through the Business Contact
record history.

This brings you back to the reality of having to link any new or existing
emails directly to an opportunity by manual procedure only 1 by 1.


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