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I am working on a time database for employees to enter time. I have 3
tables, one with employee names, one with all the days of the year, and one
where the time info gets entered. The tables look similar to the following
with the employee and date table linked by employee id and the date table and
work table are linked by date id.

Employee Table Date Table Work Table
Employee Id Date ID Work ID
Employee Name Date Project
Pay Period Time
Employee ID Date ID

In the first form I have a table where employees select there name from a
drop down menu. I then want to have a subform where the employee picks the
date of year by scrolling through the list of dates in the date table. The I
want another subform where the time is entered for that date. For some
reason I can't get the list of dates to show up in the date subform once the
employee selects there name from the drop down menu. Any advice would be
greatly appreciated.



Steve Schapel


I am not sure what your purpose is in usiong this Date Table. But it
certainly does not seem to me tio be very practical or useful, nor does
it relate well to database design principles. I would suggest a change
to a structure like this:

Employee Table Work Table
Employee Id Work ID
Employee Name EmployeeID

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