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I develop electronic form templates in Word, however, I currently have the
opportunity to develop a shipping document in Excel. I want to insert a
dropdown in cell A1 that contains a single list of the companys plants. Once
the plant has been selected from the dropdown, the appropriate address will
proliferate cell A2. I do this using SelectCase in Word but I notice that
the construction of the code is different in Excel. I see that in Excel the
items that populate the code need to be entered into a cell range on the
spreadsheet, workbook, or external document. I also note that the Select
case in Excel seems to ask for a 'numeric' value and the anticipated returned
numeric there a counterpart I can use in Excel to get my desired
results? Best regards - Lenny




Select Case does not require a numeric value. It is native to VBA which is
the same in Excel and Word.

You can have a dropdown without using a macro. See Data=>Validation using
the List Option.

Greater information is at Debra Dalgleish's site:

Debra Dalgleish

Having a database of values on another sheet, possibly hidden will provide
the ability to lookup the address of the selected value and display it below
the dropdown


as an example.

JE McGimpsey

Take a look at LOOKUP() and VLOOKUP() in XL Help. Both operate with text
values as well as numeric.

With either, there's no need to enter the possible selections in a range
of cells - you could enter them directly in the function as an array.
Entering them in a range of cells *does* make for easier maintenance,
however, when locations are added or removed.




It's not necessary to have it in a cell, and it's not necessary that it be
For instance:

Sub Testy()
a = "something"
Select Case a
Case Is = "something"
MsgBox "It's something!"
Case Is = "something else"
MsgBox "It's something else!"
Case Else
MsgBox "it's neither one"
End Select
End Sub

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