select and update multiple records at the same time


David Pelizzari

I am working on an Access 2007 front end to an SQL 2005 database. Each
record has a binary (check box) to be checked once the work required on the
record is performed. How would I allow someone on the datasheet view to
select all the records and check them all automatically? How about a range
(from x to y records were done)? I suppose I could put a button on the form
view (not the datasheet) to mark all as complete, but they would have
difficulty verifying it was done.

Crystal (strive4peace)

Hi David,

if you are comfortable with SQL, you can construct the SQL
for an Update Query in code.

Alternately, you can use code to loop through the records
that are displayed using RecordsetClone and change all the
values. I do not know of a way to act on selected records
but you could use a command button to select all or
de-select all.

Warm Regards,
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