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Mar 25, 2003
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Looks like a retro Sega console is coming out next year! However this isn't like the Mini NES or the PlayStation Classic, it's by a 3rd party company and the games aren't pre-loaded.

The Mega Sg is priced at $190 (£144; UK pricing TBA), the same as the Super Nt, and like its predecessor doesn’t come with any games pre-installed. It’s a recreation of the original hardware rather than a glorified emulator, so you’ll need to supply the cartridges yourself, which would make or break this deal, depending on whether you already have an existing collection of old games or any interest in starting one. Analogue’s CEO, Christopher Taber, stressed to Kotaku in a phone interview that it makes enthusiast products for an enthusiast audience. In other words, the Mega Sg, like its siblings, is intended to occupy, and in some ways define, the high end of retro console gaming.

Source: Kotaku

Seems pretty steep for a retro console and no games!! :eek:


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Those cartridges are getting pretty thin on the ground now, I see a few now and again in CEX and charity shops but forking out 150 quid on a console that relies on old cartridges being available is trusting a little too much imo.

And, assuming a potential purchaser had suitable cartridges, who would want to play games with no save capability? Emulators that work on PCs and suitable ROMS are readily available with workable saves so that should take care of the nostalgia factor.

I can only see this console appealing to hardcore old timers with cartridges who, if they searched, could probably find an original Megadrive/Genesis console quite easily anyway.

My verdict? Doomed to failure.

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