PlayStation Classic announced

PlayStation Classic announced

The very first PlayStation console was released on 3rd December 1994 in Japan, and today Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that they will be releasing a new mini console exactly 24 years later.

The PlayStation Classic is a 45% scale replica of the original PlayStation. It comes pre-loaded with 20 games, which is reported to include popular titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, Jumping Flash, and Wild Arms.

According to Eric Lempel, Senior Vice President at PlayStation Worldwide Marketing, "long-time fans will appreciate the nostalgia that comes with rediscovering the games they know and love, while gamers who might be new to the platform can enjoy the groundbreaking PlayStation console experience that started it all. All of the pre-loaded games will be playable in their original format."

The mini console features an HDMI port and comes with two original-style PlayStation controllers, and is currently available to preorder for around £90 / $100. The buttons work in a similar way to the original console - the Power button turns the device on/off, the Reset button suspends games, and the Open button changes the virtual disc.

The original PlayStation took the console gaming market by storm, and was the first console to ship 100 million units worldwide - a feat it achieved within 10 years of the first launch. Sony also holds the title for the best selling home console to date for the PlayStation 2.

Nintendo released the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the Mini-NES) earlier this year, and unsurprisingly parallels have been drawn between these two product launches. The Mini-NES comes pre-loaded with 30 games, comes with one controller, and is available for around £50 / $60.

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Source: Nintendo

On the face of it the Mini-NES is arguably better value for money than the PlayStation Classic. It makes sense, the NES is a far older console than the PlayStation. However, sales for this type of product rely largely on nostalgia, so it comes down to one thing; which console did you play on when you were younger?

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