Security Settings ?



When I logon on to my ISP to check my email I get the following msg/link: To
preview your messages here, please upgrade to the latest version of
Macromedia Flash. I click the link and check yes to allow ActiveX.... Then I
get the message “your security settings will not allow websites to use
ActiveX controls installed on your computerâ€.
So I Click for more Info:

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How do I use the Information bar?
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Which messages are displayed in the Information bar?
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I get the following message.

Your security settings do not allow websites to use ActiveX controls
installed on your computer. This page may not display correctly. Click here
for options.
A webpage tried to use an ActiveX control or script but your security
settings did not allow it.

If you trust the publisher of the ActiveX control or script, you can allow
it to run by removing the website address from the Restricted sites list. If
the website is not on the Restricted sites list, you can add it to the
Trusted sites list. For information about adding a website to your Trusted
sites list, see Security zones: adding or removing websites. If you are
unable to change these settings, your computer administrator might not allow
you to make the change.

After trying all the above in every way I could think of with no success I
finally decided to turn the information bar off.

Now I get the message "Your current security settings put your computer at
rick. Click here to change your security settings....





You need to set Internet Explorer security settings to accept actiex
controls. In IE click on Tools->Security tab->Customize->ActiveX list.
Enable everything on this list except select Prompt for Download signed
activex, Download unsigned activex, and Initialize and script activex. As
for reinstalling the most current version of Flash, you need to use the Adobe
Flash Removal Tool to completely uninstall it before reinstall. Details and
links in this tutorial.

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