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I run AVG virus protection. Today for first time I have a warning from
Security Center that my virus protection doesn't exist. AVG Control Center
on my screen says it is up and running. Why this sudden change of mind by
Security Center. Which is correct, SC or AVG?

Len Segal

Does it actually say that it doesn't exist? Or does it say that your AV is
"out of date"?

The latter message will come up if the signature definitions haven't been
updated in longer than some time interval built-into the MS app.

My suggestion is to run a manual update on AVG and see if it does an update
and if that solves the problem.


It actually says, 'not found' - sorry I didn't print that before and yes the
avg is up to date. What now?

Len Segal

Only thing that I can think of is that some part of AVG has been turned off.
This sometimes happens to me randomly and I need to open AVG and "activate"
that feature.

Only other thought that I have would be to re-install AVG over itself to see
if that clears up the problem.

Hopefully one of the Security MVPs might have some other ideas. I did a
check of the MS KB and came up empty on this issue.


My question is still outstanding. Can someone give me an answer?

on boot up aballon says 'your computer might be at risk. antivirus software
might not be installed. click balloon to fix this problem.

a click produces the Security Center which says Virus protection NOT FOUND

The AVG Congtrol Center shows that everything is up and running and the
internal virus database is only one day old.


I no longer use AVG for antivirus but when I did the Sec. Center recognised
it. The only thing that I can suggest is Google for AVG Forums and ask
(I use McAfee)

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

Uninstall AVG
Download and install the latest version of AVG.
Perhaps something with AVG is corrupted.
Otherwise post back.


I have the same problem. Found on the Grisoft forum also some postings
related to the same problem.
In my case AVG is fully functional, but is simply not recognized. When
diving into the registry I found a key 'Security Center' with some supported
anti-virus and firewall product and AVG or Grisoft is not in that list.

Seems to me that maybe uninstalling and installing AVG might work, but it's
a little bit overdone to do this to get a flag in an MS product right.

Best thing to do is to set the anti-virus indicator off in Security Center
(Don't know the official button + label name since I use a Dutch verion of
XP). AVG will take care of everything itself. Basically Security Center will
not give you any info or reminders AVG doesn't already provide.

"Jupiter Jones [MVP]" schreef:

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