Secure an adp file?

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I have an adp file which I want to be accessed using forms only for
security reasons. I have a front end which closes off underlying
window, but it is still possible to connect to the underlying adp via a
second mdb file. In Access mdb, encryption was possible - what can be
with an adp file to restrict access via a linked file. It looks like
Microsoft reduced security options for adp files, presumably to rely in
SQL access rights??

Sylvain Lafontaine

You're right, ADP is only one of all the possible ways of connecting to

By restricting some of the access to the tables with Views and Stored
Procedures, you can achieve a greater level of security; however, you will
always be limited by the fact that you don't have access to an UpdateCommand
for linked forms in ADP.

The only way of achieving a very high level of security is by using unbound
forms and doing all the calls yourself or using another technology such as


i thought that you could setup an 'application role' in sql server that
will prohibit anything with the appname <> 'Microsoft Office Access'
from connecting to the db.

i swear i've seen something like that.


access to what would you like to restrict?

1) Tables with underlying data, or
2) query / stored procedure definitions, or
3) Form / Report design??

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