Secondary Y axis and more with Pivot charts...




Is it possible to use secondary axis in a pivot chart? I want to use
secondary axis to create some milestones in my chart (something changed in
week x, for example)

I created a pivot table based on data with a weeknumber.
Now there are weeks with no data that are not displayed. Is it possible to
display weeknumbers on X-axis without any data?
In my chart numbering is like: wk 52, 2,3,4,5,6,8 and it should be wk

Thanks in advance,




Jon Peltier

You can plot any of the series in a pivot chart on the secondary axis, by
double clicking on the series and choosing Secondary on the Axis tab. You
can't add a series to the pivot chart, and showing milestones generally
requires an added series.

- Jon

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