Search inside files skips php files?



I have thousands of html, javascript and php files and I'm looking for files
that contain a specific string. If I search the folder containing the files I
can see all the .html and .js files but the search doesn't show any of the
..php files even though there are plenty of files with the string inside.

How can I force the search to look inside php files. I've already added .php
to the indexing options in the control panel but still I can't search php
files. I just typed the string to the search box, clicked search and then
clicked on the advanced search to enable searching inside files and clicked
to look files that aren't indexed. Doesn't go through .php files. I also set
the search to index the folder but still I can't search .php files.

Any ideas? This is driving me crazy since the new search was one of the key
features why I got Vista Business in the first place.


Dave Wood [MS]

I think you need to add .php to the list of file extensions indexed in
Indexing Options Control Panel -> Advanced -> File Types -> Add new
extension. AFter that you need to rebuild the index to pick up the changes.

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