Windows XP Scumware company attacks Ad-aware


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Mar 5, 2002
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This is a post from an AdAware representative.
Scumware company attacks Ad-aware

It has come to our attention that the RadLight 3.03R5.2 (by RadLight)
software intentionally tries to uninstall Ad-aware components from your system, without your permission or knowledge.

After reports from concerned users, our tests have shown that the Radlight software indeed checks for the default Ad-aware installation path, and then removes all files that are not currently in use, upon its first execution.
Until now, such a malicious behaviour was commonly known for viruses and trojans.

It does not slip through Ad-watch, or hides from the Ad-aware scanner,
Radlight is not (yet) targeted by Ad-aware or Ad-watch.

It performs an silent uninstall of the Ad-aware components, including
desktop shortcuts and startmenu items.

This is not a bug in the RadLight software, it is intentionally uninstalling Ad-aware, with the only purpose to make your system attainable for further malware installation.

And if this wasnt enough, the Radlight software is bundled with WhenU's SaveNow software, a well known data mining company.
If Ad-watch is running, it will correctly prevent the installation of Savenow.
If neither Ad-aware or Ad-watch are active, they both will be uninstalled through Radlight upon its first execution.

A fix is in progress, and we feel its necessary to add Radlight to the AAW target list.
This is malware at its worst.

Unlike stated before, also the regular Ad-aware version will be uninstalled
by Radlight

Ann-Christine Åkerlund
Team Lavasoft
(e-mail address removed)


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