Windows XP Ad-aware 6 ... Free version available


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Mar 5, 2002
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Ad-aware is an award winning, free multi adware removal utility, that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known adware components and lets you remove them safely.

Ad-aware Standard Edition is THE award winning, free*, multicomponent detection and removal utility that has consistently lead the industry in safety, user satisfaction, support and reliability.

With its ability to comprehensively scan your memory, registry, hard, removable and optical drives for known datamining, aggressive advertising, and tracking components, Ad-aware will provide the user with the confidence to surf the Internet knowing that their privacy will remain intact. Let Ad-aware protect your privacy.

We provide you with the most thorough and efficient product to detect and remove the worst that the Internet and shareware/freeware have to offer.

Our reference database is updated and tested regularly. Added staffing and better editing tools have allowed us to substantially increase our research and developmental productivity. This means that users will enjoy an increase in the number of updates and can be assured that any new discoveries will be added quickly.
Our dedicated Staff has been drawn from the privacy and security communities where they have gained years of valuable experience which has been incorporated into our software.
The all new and vastly improved User Interface allows the flexibility and control that were only dreamed of in previous versions. This includes user defined file sizes (essential for those who store large files such as MP3's or digital photo and video) allowing for faster scanning through the exclusion of files that are known to be clean.

The user now has complete control over WHAT is scanned on their computer; from a total system scan down to a single folder.

Improved safety, included automatic quarantine and recycle bin storage of removed components allows for simple restoration procedures. An all new backup archive viewer that allows the user to quickly and easily review components that have been removed and stored for future restoration.

All new and integrated reference file updating capability that will include the ability to search for new reference files automatically when Ad-aware is started.

Click here to get yours

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