SCSI card for PC+XP w/Agfa Duoscan HiD?

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I downloaded the manual but something isn't clear to me and I don't
want to buy a SECOND wrong SCSI card.

Seller provided what I hope and think is a correct cable but anecdotal
stories from other people are confusing me.

Cable has 50-pin low density male Centronics (does mate with scanner)
and other end has 25 -pin male D-sub (also mates with OTHER connector
on scanner). Scanner has internal switchable terminator.

Scanner spec says scsi-II. SCSI cards that say SCSI-II don't usually
seem to have 25 pin connectors, so that's why I'm getting confused.
Manual recommends Adaptec.

There ARE a number of Adaptec SCSI boards with 25-pin external
connectors, but I haven't seen one up close yet to confirm correct

It looks like AHA-2906 and AVA-2906 may work.

Can someone confirm what connection I need for a single SCSI I plug into the 25 pin or the 50-pin Centronics end on the
scanner? I don't see many 50-pin low-density Centronics SCSI cards at
all. The prevalence of older 25-pin boards for scanners suggests I may
have a correct cable and just need a cheap 25-pin SCSI card.

Thank you.


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