Windows XP Screensaver Won't Come On Automatically/Microsoft Installer on Startup

Sep 24, 2008
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My screen saver won't come on. I am able to preview any one that I want to use, but I have it set for 10 minutes I believe, and it will not come on by itself. The only new program that I have installed is RegCure to fix registry errors (automatically). I know absolutely nothing about what should go in the registry. I have run it a few times. My virus program is Trend Micro PC-illin Internet Security 8.900.1001/5.563.00. I downloaded the program SIW that was suggested, but I don't know how to get any of that info to you. I am running Win XP Media Edition,Version 2002, Service Pack 3, with Genuine Intel CPU. I have a 120 GB hard drive. Also on startup, Microsoft Installer(*msi) tries to configure the fax and Photo Gallery, tells me to insert installation disk (it is not on the disk), and I get an error message that says that no valid source could be found for product Photo Gallery. The Windows Installer cannot continue (error1706). I hope I have given you enough info so that you can help me. I connect to the internet using Verizon Wireless and Dell Mobile 3G Broadband Utility Card. Thank you. If you need any further info, you will need to explain how I send it to you, and I will do it.


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