Scheduled task shows as running, but nothing is really happening



I have created a batch file to auto-create a scheduled task that eliminates
having to setup the task using the wizard, and to circumvent the user account
with password requirement.

I am using this script to create a schedule task from a dos prompt:

schtasks /create /sc daily /ru system /tn Bearback /st 22:00:00 /tr
"c:\p6\bearback.exe AUTO"

I found this syntax from MS site:

Based on what MS says in this article, this creates a task using the NT
Authority/System account which should have administrator rights and that
does not have a password. This allows me to create a batch file that I can
have people run on their computers without having to walk them thru the
schedule task wizard.

The problem lies in some XP SP1, SP2, Win2000, and the problem is that the
task will show as running but nothing happens. If I don’t end the task it
continues to show status of running until the default 72 hours expires.

If I open up Task Manager, click on Process tab, I can see the Bearback.exe
(what the schedule task is suppose to run) running but its showing CPU usage
as zero.

It doesn’t matter what the application or .exe is I’m calling on any will
behave the same way as described on certain computers only.

On other computers, this works just fine. As I have a lot of non-computer
literate people to tend to, I would appreciate any assistance in figuring out
what the problem is, or how to fix it.


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