Scanned Image has a shadow line/bar

Nov 20, 2013
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Hello - I have a Kodak Flatbed A3 and use KODAK Capture Pro Software to scan. I scan documents/files for storage and have just started scanning photographs. When I scan documents using B&W (1-bit), there is no problem and everything runs smooth. When I scan Grayscale (8bit), there isn't much of a problem, but now any then you can see the shadow of a bar that isn't there going down the page. Now, most of the time I scan anything in color/photograph, I get a few blue shadow bars that overlay the scanned image. They are always in the same location and go all the way down the scan.

I have read about cleaning all around the glass and have done so, but it has not done much. I cannot take off the glass to clean any dust. I'm sure I can, but it seems to be set in there with no way to remove except by professionals. There must be a safety reason for that.

Does anyone use Kodak products and have any idea what causes this?

Attached is a PDF example. It's a photograph from an old trip to Africa. The scan is actually very nice, but you can see the bars that go through the scan. Some of them are small and you really can't see them unless you're looking for them, but there is one that's about an inch wide and won't go away.

There must be a simple reason for this because the same bar appears when I tried using a second scanner. I used another Kodak Flatbed A3 and the same images appear on the scans.

Is it a setting in the program or the actual scanner? And, what can I do to prevent this from happening?

Thank you for any help,


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