saving excel 97 spreedsheet



I work on file that has several spreedsheets in it and I
only access one of those spreedsheets and add data to it
after I am done adding the data I click on the save bottom
and I get amessage saying that your file has been saved
as "527E5100" and it's no longer has the extention
of ".xls" and the file is no longer saved as an excel

I access the file 5 days a week and on Monday,tuesday and
Friday it saves fine but On Wed and Thursday I have
theproblem mentioned above. this has been going on for the
last 4 weeks. I have already reloaded my office products
but still have the problem.

Any ideas....



chic bowdrie

I don't have the solution yet, but I now know how to look
for my excell file which disappeared. I remember Excell
telling me it would be stored as a temp file and I didn't
write the name down. I thought I could find it with a
simple search by *.xls and the date. No good. If what's
happening to you happens to me, I am going to recreate
the file one sheet at a time. HTH




Look at my post of Nov 17, from me, GW about Windows XP
and Excel.

It is more related to network issues but it sounds about
the same. Let me know on (e-mail address removed) please if it

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