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download FLV Direct Player , Alternative Media Player Software
Hey guys
Download FLV Player free and play back Movies from the Web
FLV Player is a Media Player for MPEG-4 and Flash Videos

(FLV). Most
video sites on the web (including YouTube) stream FLV content.

the FLV Player, we offer an easy way to download and enjoy this
content on your desktop. FLV Player


What can YOU do with FLV Direct?
*FLV Player can be used with a variety of media formats,

MPEG-4 and Flash Video, meaning that you can download and

play content
from most video sites on the web, including YouTube.
*With its resizable window, full-screen Playback options and
customized Video Search engine, FLV Player is the most user

player of its kind.
*FLV Player it makes for a quick, hassle free download.
*Unlike other Flash Video players available online, which charge

sorts of download fees, FLV Player is 100% free! you can free

Download FLV Direct Player now :


This is spam pushing an *extremely* suspect Media Player.


From the FLV Direct Player site -
hxxp:// ( link munged to protect the "uninitiated" )

" By pressing the Download Now button above and downloading FLV Direct,
I accept and agree to abide by the EULA and Privacy Policy. Also, by
downloading Search Toolbar (powered by Bing), I accept to change my home
page and browser search to Bing and agree to their EULA and Privacy
Policy. "

Loudmo Malware/flv Direct Player Malware

Posted 04 April 2010

" P.S. I saw several Logs of MBAM on forums that
"Quarantined", then "Deleted" many portions of
the FLV Direct Player as "Adware.BHO.FL" . "

*-343-* FDNY
Never Forgotten
"Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked

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