Save as csv file option missing from Excel 2007

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Byrdie Ethel Pillinger

I want to save an excel file in the csv as this is the format my address
program wants for import. BUT, when I go to "save file as" there is no "text
file" option, and no csv option under "other formats". I formatted all cells
as text, and I deleted all the other sheets in the workbook. I've tried with
the original file in both xlsx and xls formats.


What version of Excel do you have? Most have the "Save as Type" when you
"save as" and if you scroll down you should see two CSV types.

Byrdie Ethel Pillinger

Thanks, I finally found it way down under "other formats" (excel 2007). I
had overlooked the scroll bar under this option.

Thanks for your time.

T. Valko

When I click the Save icon on the QAT I get 3 CSV options:

CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)
CSV (Macintosh) (*.csv)
CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv)

If you got through Office button>Save As>Other Formats it opens the same
dialoge box that you get when you click the Save icon on the QAT.

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