SATA Safely Remove Hardware



My friend just got a new mobo and sata hds's and when he boots up he's got
an icon in the system tray that says
"Safely remove hardware"
Both of his drives are internal and not in raid. I'm looking for a way to
remove the icon from the tray.

They're internal drives so there's no need for hot swapping them. We've
tried doing the inactive icons thing but that's not really what we're
looking for. We just want to get rid of it completely.

I've tried googling for the problem but I've only found posts suggesting to
hide inactive icons.


Bob Knowlden

Does the mainboard have an nVidia nForce4 chipset? If so,

For nVidia, it's a feature, not a bug. It is present in my system with an
Asus A8N-SLI mainboard. The two previous SATA mainboards I've used, with
Intel and Via chipsets, did not cause the SATA drives to appear as hot

The most obvious thing to do with this is ignore it. I find that real
removable drives appear at the top of the listings (eve though they have
higher drive letters), so the confusion is tolerable.

Address scrambled. Replace nkbob with bobkn.


I guess he'll have to deal with it. I dont like extra icons either so I
think they should do a firmware update to allow the icon to be hidden
without the inactive icon thing... similarly to how you can show or hide the
network and sound icon.

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