SATA RAID0 WD raptor speed problems?


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hey all,

i`ve had WD raptor SATA drives in a raid0 array for the last month now, and
it seems all good and pretty swift.

however, i`ve been told that 60mb/s is somewhat slow for them. someone care
to benchmark their raptor RAID0 drives for me, for comparison.

i cant see it being pc system bottleneck IF there is anything wrong. 1800+
tbredb, 512mb ram, a7n8x dlx rev2.0.

just curious to other peoples speeds on the raptor drive.

tim draper



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sisoftware sandra (
i'll be running 2004.10.9.89 shortly (once it downloaded) if that is the
version you have.
i HAVE been running the pcextreme version 2003.7.9.73

tim draper

Timothy Drouillard

OK, using Sandra 2004.10.9.89 (ran while this message was open)
Nothing optimized, nothing turned off except for anti-virus software, more
or less a real-world test

Intel 3.2Ghz
2gig DDR400 Dual Channel
WinXP Pro
Intel Application Accelerator (RAID Version)
Gigabyte GA-KNXP MB

Dual 36gig WD Raptors in RAID 0 on built-in SII RAID 0 controller
Drive Index 49511kB/s
Buffered Read 102MB/s
Sequential Read 74MB/s
Random Read 10MB/s
Buffered Write 23MB/s
Sequential Write 72MB/s
Random Write 17MB/s
Average Access Time 6ms (estimated

Dual Seagate 160gig SATA drives on the built-in Intel RAID controller (also
a RAID 0 array)
Drive Index 53544kB/s
Buffered Read 1713MB/s
Sequential Read 78MB/s
Random Read 36MB/s
Buffered Write 21MB/s
Sequential Write 22MB/s
Random Write 8MB/s
Average Access Time 1ms (estimated

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well, finally finished sandra 2004 download (roll on dsl later this month!)
and benchmarked HDD array.

it seems that i`m OVER performing the pre-defined benchmarks (maxtor 36gb
10krpm, 8mb cache 2xRAID0) is 61.5mb/s, mine clock in at 65.5mb/s.

ah well, least it seems i dont have problems, and this is what i should be
getting :)

tim drouillard - maybe you could still post your results, and more on your
system spec, to see how much variation there is between different spec'ed

i`m running a7n8x dlx rev2.0, 2x 256mb pc3200 ram, 1800+ tbredb.


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your spec leaves a bit for me to drool over, but mine dont seem to be
underperforming for onboard SATARAID controller, or a 1.5ghzchip either.
thanks for your time todo that tim.

tim draper




Why would/should I want to uninstall it??
you can than install it again if it doesn´t help; was just a crazy
idea; sometimes some irrational procedures help ...

-- Regards, SPAJKY
& visit site -
Celly-III OC-ed,"Tualatin on BX-Slot1-MoBo!"
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wrong person. i (the OP) dont use the intel accelerator thingy, the person
who did was getting higher scores than me

probably due to a much higher spec than mine.


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