SATA Controller and Hard Drive Enclosure recommendation


Dan Adams

I seek purchase recommendations on a SATA RAID 5 controller and hard
drive enclosure that meets the following specs:

1. SATA II features (300MB/s, NCQ/TCQ, SMART, etc.)
2. Hot Swappable
3. Enclosure Management
4. Enclsoure has Four or Five Hard Drive bays and fits in three
consecutive 5.25" external bays.
5. Controller has at least 6 ports and PCI-X or better interface.
6. Support for 400Gb SATA II HD or larger.

Any suggestions?

Dan Adams



I am looking at the same type of questions for a storage server I am
building. Right now I am looking at Supermicro enclosures.
Specifically for my purpose I am looking at their 3u systems with 15
SATA hot swappable bays. They have a SATA backplane but you still need
to get a SATA controller. I am opting probably for 2x 3Ware SATA
controllers 8 ports each. The chasis I am looking at has no external
5.25" bays but I think they have a lot of selection. I would recommend
you at least look at supermicro and 3ware. I have used both extensively
in the past and have not had problems. But, I am open to suggestions
from others.


Dan Adams

Thanks for the feedback. Supermicro does offer an excellent selection
of chasis with hot swappable SATA HD bays however I prefer a just a
storage enclosure that fits into my existing servers. They do have a
five hard drive cannister that's high up on my shortlist.

BTW, are you going with the 3ware 9550SX?

Dan Adams

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