Samsung NC10 - a great netbook.

Dec 14, 2008
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I am typing this on my NC10 (no typos, as the keyboard is bigger than on most netbooks). But the winner is the battery life. When I charged it up today it registered 7 hours and 37 miniutes of battery life. The screen is good too - at 10 ". It has a 160g hard drive, which is the same as on my desktop.

I have a really bad dose of flu today, so I am typing this in bed. I have also managed to deal with a lot of works emails without getting out of bed. The one downside is the small trackpad, although in my opinion its no worse than most. I use a Logitech VX Nano mouse, so the trackpad is not an issue.

The machine is fast also, with an Atom processor and XP.

I love it!


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