Safely Remove Hardware Issue



I'm having an issue with the Safely Remove Hardware Utility. I have a
D-Link USB Adaptor that I would plug into my laptop for wireless
capabillity. I used to be able to remove the item safely using the
Safely Remove Hardware Utility until one day I plugged it in and
Safely Remove Hardware doesn't recognize it anymore. I've plugged the
USB adaptor in when the PC was already on, before the PC boots up, and
shut it down completely and restarted it while the adaptor was plugged
in. It still recognizes other devices that I plug in, but not this.
I've even uninstalled the device and reinstalled it with no success.
Does anyone know how to refresh, configure, or otherwise mess with the
Safely Remove Hardware Utility? I have a Pentium 3 800MHz 512MB RAM,
60GB HD, and Windows XP Pro.

Nathan McNulty

I have the D-Link DWL-G120 USB Wirless G adapter and do not recieve the
Safely Remove Hardware logo ever. It just works behind the scenes. Are
you sure it is the D-Link product that is causing the problem? If you
do, I would contact D-Link. They have amazing technical support and get
back to your emails within 24 hours from what I have seen (even though
it states longer times).

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