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P. H. Allen

For some unknown reason, my safely remove hardware icon has disappeared from
the system tray. I have attempted to get it to reappear by clicking on the
toolbar at thee bottom, then properties, then customize and have asked it to
always show. It doesn't behave. I have to go into the Device Manager and
click on the external hard drive, under disks, select the Policies tab, and
click on the Safely Remove Hardware link to disconnect the external drive.
The tray icon hangs around for a short period, and then goes ???????
Any ideas to keep this feature handy .....other than third party programs
like Safely Remove. Thanks, Phasr


Try This:
If you have something plugged into USB or Firewire ports on the computer,
the software can be set by right-clicking on the My Computer icon and then
selecting the Hardware tab and then Device Manager.

Now look high up in the display for the Disk Drives heading. If you find a
removable device there, give a right-click and then pick Properties and
select the Policies tab. There you find check boxes to turn on and off the
warning notification. Look for the tab to Restore Defaults and click it first
to get the icon back.

Hope this Helps!
Marvs Windows Tips & Tricks


As a thought, could it be because you have no hardware to remove? In that
case, the icon does dissappear.


Sorry, I don't understand what this means:

See if this quick workaround works for you, posted today:

Can you clarify?
Thank you...........rick subber

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