"Safely remove hardware" icon disappears



Are you leaving the device plugged in when you
shut down and the next time you reboot the icon is
no longer there?


The "Safely remove hardware" icon in the taskbar's notification area keeps
disappearing each time I restart Windows. I know how to restore it (seehttp://ask-leo.com/safely_remove_hardware_where_did_the_icon_go_how_d...),
but next time I restart it has disappeared again.

Any explanations as to the reason for this? And is there anyting I can doto
correct this error?

(I am using Windows XO Professional SP3.)


....or it is hiding?

If you see a circle with a < in it to the left of your system clock,
click it to show all the icons in the notification area.

Right click the Taskbar, choose Properties and Customize the
Notification area to suit your preferences.

Mine is always there, but I choose to make it always hide it so I
never see it - except when I want to, which is never.

Hans Näslund

Well, I have two external disks that are always connected. But I unplug USB
Flash menory sticks before shutting down the computer.

But each time I reboot the computer the "Safely remove hardvare" icon is
gone, and I have to restore it.


I have exactly the same problem. As a work around I followed the advice in
to create a shortcut to 'Safely Remove Hardware' on the desktop. I then
copied this shortcut to the Quick Launch (next to the Start Menu) and
deleted the desktop shortcut. I now have a shortcut to Safely Remove
Hardware on my toolbar, just on the opposite side to the notification area
where it was originally.

Regards, Anastas.


So the USB stick is removed but not the external drives.
What happens when after booting you insert the USB stick,
do you then get a "Safely remove ....." icon?

I think your problem is related to the fact the external drives
are still connected.

Peter Foldes


Old story

Remove the USB Flash and reboot then put back the SRH icon and reboot. Plug the USB
Flash back again

Hans Näslund

No, the "Safey remove..." icon does not come back. And the icon used to be
there before for a long time in spite of the external disks being connected.

What I am looking for is not a quick fix - I already have one - but the
underlying reason for the phenomenon, and a way to rectify the real problem.

Hans Näslund

Yes, I am using the same workaround - but what I really want is to find a
solution to the basic problem.

Hans Näslund

Thank you - but that did not help at all: still no SRH icon.

What I need is a solution the basic problem.


Just trying to help diagnose the problem, was not certain
what would happen when you performed the steps I mentioned.

Next question: Is your PC a home built or did you buy it
(HP, Dell, Gateway, Etc.)?


I have this same problem from time to time. I have found that if I log
into Windows too quickly the SRH icon does not load. If I wait until
all HDD activity ceases before I enter my user name and password to
start Windows, all is good.


Good point, I do the same even if I have no external
devices plugged in. Too much stuff trying to load at
the same time (especially on one of my slower computers)
can create problems from time to time.

Hans Näslund

This cannot be the reason for my problem: I do not use a password, so my
login is automatic.


Not saying it is, but next time you
turn on your PC watch the hard drive light
and see how long for it to settle down
and stop flashing after your desktop is displayed.

This represent all the stuff that load when you
boot and in your case auto logon.

Hans Näslund

My computer is a Dell Latitude D820. The Safe removal icon has worked
perfectly previously.


Did you Dell come with a "Drivers" CD?
If not go to the Dell web site and enter your
service tag # and see if there are USB drivers
available to download. Let me know what you
found on their web site.

Hans Näslund

Do you mean that a USB driver has become corrupt in some way? All USB units
work perfectly, except that the Safe removal icon is missing...

I do have a CD with drivers, but I cannot see any specific USB drivers on
it. What do you expect me to do?


Sometimes if your lucky a PC or motherboard manufacture
when posting new/updated drivers include the reason for
the update (bug fix, Etc.). So if there were new drivers and
if (I said if) Dell indicated why the driver was updated you
might just see your problem listed.

That said I googled for your problem and found this:
(look for the post dated: Mar 11 2008, 12:38 PM, should be the third one

Hans Näslund


No, there are no USB drivers available for my computer at the Dell website.

And the tips in the link you gave did not help. Sorry!

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