Safely eject hardware - for visually impaired




Posting on behalf of a visually impaired friend. He just had to upgrade his
computer and moved from windows 2000 to XP (home edition I believe)

He navigates by alt + tabbing through menus and has no vision at all so
can't use magnifiers or whatever to work with a mouse onscreen.

He uses USB devices a lot and in 2000 he could safely eject USB devices as
the function appeared in a drop down menu. In XP we can only find it as a
mouse-click option in the tray.

Where can we find this function so he can select it without a mouse? Or can
we create a shortcut for his desktop so it can be launched via the keyboard?


Barry Schwarz

I use XP Pro (SP3) and the eject option is present in the menu when I
right-click the USB device in Windows Explorer, about 2/3 of the way
down, just below format.

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