S Video



I have an S video port on the rear of my laptop and i'm looking to link my pc
to my tv and i can't seem to get a picture to be visable on the tv screen. If
any one out there has a sec to explain what i should be doing that would be


Look in your tv manual. Sometimes you have to go into the setup menu and
turn the s-video on. I had to do that on my old tv every time I played a


I tryed that and nope no luck
On my laptop the connection is auto-sensed (ATI graphics) so assuming
you are using an S-Video cable to connect to the S-Video input on your
TV, are you then selecting the correct input on your TV? It'll be one
of the AV options I think.

Also are you aware that with S-Video you need to handle the audio

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Connect notebook to TV. Turn TV on. Reboot notebook..... no version of
Windows can 'see' a device that is turned off. Once the reboot is complete,
then you can redirect output to the TV or set it up as a cloned monitor.

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