Running old DOS game...



Am trying to run Dynamix "Sid & Al: Incredible Toons" old 1994 DOS game in
Windows XP. I don't want to do duel-boot, or boot disk, etc. as sound won't
be supported by this old game on new system.

I learn that I can modify the Properties of Memory and enable EMS, XMS, etc.
(as the game uses that). I run the program with VDMSound
( - old Sound Blaster card emulation) so that the game

The game runs however I get this message:

You do not have enough memory to run this program.
You currently have 591856 free bytes of conventional memory,
and 65536 bytes of EMS memory.
You need at least 570000 free bytes of conventional memory,
and 737280 free bytes of EMS memory.




This probably happens because DOS behaves differently.
"DOS programs generally have no awareness of memory beyond 640K. These
days, sometimes DOS programs will not operate properly due to a shortage of
space in the lower 640K. This is usually attributable to the installation
of device drivers in the lower memory of a computer, etc. There are a few
approaches to solving this problem. Adding more memory to the computer is
usually not one of them. One can reboot to DOS, or perhaps the one that
might suit you is to create a desktop icon with appropriate memory options
set, etc."
I am not quite sure on the options to set but someone here might be more
versed than I at this.....
The solution could could be simpler than u think....

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