Runapp to another database



I'm trying to go from one database to another & built a macro with the
command line RunApp & this in the command line:

\\Rottweiler\plaza\Acct Spending\Testing\Budgetstest.mdb

Both databases are on a server & I copied/pasted the path directly from
Windows Explorer, but when I try to run the macro, I get this error message:

Access can't invoke the application using the RunApp action. The path to
the application in invalid, or a component of the application is missing.


Hi Susan

Call Shell("""C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.EXE""
""S:\MyDocuments\Budgetstest.mdb""/XOpenNewForm", 1)

This would call a shell to run a macro called OpenNewForm in Dbase
Budgetstest.mdb. Where the access exe is on C: and the dBase is on S:

You would call this from one Dbase to run a macro in another Dbase.

Change the paths and drives to what they are in your applications

Hope this helps


Thanks - one more question. Various uses would be doing this and their
drive/map letters may not be the same on the network. Can I skip that letter
and just use the networok folder name?--
Always grateful for help!



If all you users are frontend then they "should" all be be able to call the
exe on C: and I would think (maybe wrong on this) this the drive of the
target will be the same for all unless on a lan

Give it a try I think it should be OK as is.

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