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I want to create a macro that could open a specific folder (with windows
explorer). I went to create a new macro, and chose RunApp under 'Action'. In
the command line I type the address (eg. C:\Windows). But this did not work.
The error message says Microsoft Access could not invoke the application
using the RunApp Action.

Is that because windows explorer cannot be ran from an Access macro? or do I
need to add something in the command line.

Steve Schapel


Typing this in the Command Line argument of the RunApp macro...
.... will launch Windows Explorer.

To open at a particular folder, like this...
"C:\Windows\explorer.exe" "C:\Myfolder\"


You might be safer just saying explorer.exe "c:\myfolder\" since the
windows path is not always c:\windows. My testing shows explorer.exe is
sufficient without a fully qualified path.

Bob Galway

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