Run-time error? form submit error



I am getting this error...

"FrontPage Run-Time Component Page
You have submitted a form or followed a link to a page that requires a web
server and the FrontPage Server Extensions to function properly.

This form or other FrontPage component will work correctly if you publish
this web to a web server that has the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.

Click the <Back> arrow to return to the previous page"

I have installed extensions, my ISP thinks it’s on my end... is it me??

The page is displayed when my potentional customer would click on the submit

Thank you very much


nortbots.htm only appears in five cases:

1) You are testing on a disc-based website, including a FrontPage
disc-based web that is being browsed through a web-server.

2) You are testing on a website that does not have server extensions
installed or running.

3) The site (or form page) was FTPed from a disc-based web, or
published using a FTP address for the destination, or published to a
file system destination including a network share or UNC address (like
\\machinename\path\webname), or to an address like C:\sitename .
Publish must be to a URL of the form

4) The site was correctly published, but the extensions were not
installed correctly or were mis-configured. Re-installing the
extensions may correct the problem.

5) There is a bug associated with FrontPage98 which causes this

Additionally, the 404 (page not found) error received when browsing to indicates the FP extensions are
not installed.
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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