Run-time error '-2147352565 (8002000b)' in Excel 2007



Everytime I started my Excel 2007 in Vista, I always get the following error

Microsoft Visual Basic
Run-time error '-2147352565 (8002000b)':
Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled or of a
type that does not accept the focus.

I need to click the End button in the message box then Excel can then be used.

I'd like to know what is/are the cause(s) of this error and how I get rid of

Many thanks for your help.


garfield-n-odie [MVP]

Sounds like you've installed an Excel add-in that is not compatible with
Excel 2007 or Vista. Once you get Excel 2007 started, click on Office
Button | Excel Options | Add-Ins | Manage: Disabled Items | Go. What do
you see?

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