RRAS client losing route


Matthew Speed

I have a machine on my local network on a 192.168.1.x network. Using
a Linksys DSL router I make a connection to a remote Windows 2000
Server VPN server.

When connected the results of "route print" show two entries with a destination address

One is my router,, that lets me get out to the net. The
other is my VPN connection. (BTW...I want all traffic from this
machine to go through the remote server) I have set the metric on
the 192.168.1.x adapter to 50 so that it will get lower priority than
the LAN address.

Sometimes, however, the client will forget that it is supposed to use
the VPN adapter to route traffic and a traceroute to an external
address shows the traffic going through the LAN adapter instead of the

How can I make it so that if I am connected it will use the VPN route




Bill Grant

When you make a VPN connection, your current default route should become
ineffective and the VPN connection should become your default gateway. See
KB 254231. If you do a route print while the connection is up, it should
show the default route using the VPN interface with a priority of
1. This should only change if you fiddle with the "use default gateway.."
setting in the connection properties. The only traffic going directly to the
LAN NIC should be local 192.168.1.x traffic.

Having said that, all traffic must ultimately go over the LAN to reach
the router and then on to the Internet. But this traffic should be encrypted
and encapsulated (ie tunnelled data) and should not show up in tracert .

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