Row highlighting by checking box in subform datasheet view


Azad,DH, BD

Dear Geniouses,

I really need all of your help. I'd like to highlight the selected rows by
checking box at the left of each row in a subform datasheet view. How can I
do this? There is no conditional formatting in the subform. If the checkbox
is checked then the row will be selected and it will be highlighted to show
that it is selected.

pls help.

Azad,DH, BD



Gina Whipp


This cannot be done in datasheet view, you must use a subform which you can
make to look like as if it's datasheet view along with conditional

Note, please cross post (microsoft.public.access.forms,
microsoft.public.access.formscoding) instead of mulitposting (posting the
same question to multiple newsgroups).

Gina Whipp

"I feel I have been denied critical, need to know, information!" - Tremors

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