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Is it possible to have to different row heights on one worksheet?

My problem is that I have two worksheets, one with row heights of 18 pixels
and the other with row heights of 14 pixels. These need to stay like this, if
I could put these worksheets side by side on the same sheet (either side of
the page break) then they could be printed double sided and save paper. It
wont work double sided even when selecting to print 'Entire Workbook'.

Because there is no common denominator it is not possible to make the rows
either 6 or 7 pixels and merge as they dont come to the correct amounts (14
and 18).

I would need row height 18 up to column K and then row height 14 there after.

Thanks in advance.



Sean Timmons

You can have different heights on the same sheet, but not in the same row.
So, if you want multiple rows to have the same height, highlight all desired
rows and adjust one height accordingly. Then highlight any other rows and
adjust as needed.

But if you want columns A to K to have one height and L to IV to have
another, that won't work...


Ok thanks for the quick response.

I didn't think it would be possible to be honest, just thought it better to
ask the question and make sure. It will have to stay on two pages as I

Sean Timmons

the other option is to show second sheet data below first sheet data. Not
sure how many pages we're talking about here.

have it print either right then down or down then right to provide the
desired effect?



Gord Dibben

You gave up too quickly.

It is possible.

On sheet1 color the cells beside the data range to white to remove

Take a picture of the range on sheet2, including gridlines.

Paste it beside the range on sheet1.

Wiggle it around a bit to get the effect you want.

To take a picture, select the range and SHIFT + Edit>Copy Picture.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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