routing through ppp adapter



Is it possible to configure my 2000 ras server (vpn server) to route through
the ppp adapter?

Here is what I want to do ;

network A = network where my 2000 vpn server is located
network b = network where the client doing a normal pptp connection is

I want people in network A to be able to see the remote network (network b).
So from a client computer on the lan of network a, pings the router located
on network b.

I've configured the registry key in my xp at home (that does the pptp
connection to the 2000 server using the vpn client). I can't seem to find
how to tell my 2000 server to route through the vpn connection made by the
client in network b (even with route add).

Is there a way to do this?



Bill Grant

A "normal" or client server connection cannot handle this. It only sets
up a host route back to the "calling" machine. There is no route for the
clients behind it.

You need to use the technique which LAN to LAN routing uses. You server
needs a subnet route to the machines behind the calling router. You do this
by creating a demand-dial interface and linking a subnet route to it (using
the new static route wizard). This route will become active when the dd
interface becomes active.

To make the dd interface active, the calling machine must use the name
of this dd interface as its username when it connects. (Check that the
interface changes to connected and that the route is added to the routing
table). If the routers are the default gateways for their LANs, you should
now be able to route between sites.

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