Adding custom routes when using VPN


Victor Ross

When connecting to our VPN, clients can't access all the
internal networks, without manually adding routes in
their local machines.

Is there a way to configure either the VPN server or
client to setup the routes properly after the connections
is established?

Using Windows Server 2003 and the PPTP VPN.

Thank you,





Why allow them anything other than the serverfarm
Vlan anyway as a security precaution against
intrusion into other users PC's that may
have file and printer sharing enabled.
If must have it add static route in
rras static routes context
for that network I
would try first.



Bill Grant

If you want to control it from the server, you will need to use CMAK
(Connection Manager Admin Kit). You define a client setup at the server end,
and the clients download it when they connect.

To do it from the client end, you would need to write a script which ran
when the client connected.

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