rotate text 180,upside down, some thought put into it.



So I have the student/home package of word and i was looking about for
rotating text.
The things I'm working on could as easily be made in powerpoint however you
know how is.
I'll be darned if i don't figure out a way to do it with the limited options
I'm clueless as to why Microsoft would choose not to have the option to have
upside down text.

Onwards to the actual solution!
Since I'm working on directions to fold a paper into something I'm using
boxes and some small marks at the corners to show where to fold.
Meaning I work with no edge text boxes to put my text where I want it.

And then it struck me, we can rotate left and right.
If we put the page on the side and then flip the ordinary text to the left,
and the upside down text to the right.
(In more technical terms, orient the page on its side, make some boxes with
text in them and format the box changing the text orientation from the format
toolbar that appears when you have the box selected.)

And there you go, hardly the best way to do it, but for foldables and
seating arrangements and what you can come up with.
Its far easier than making images and cut/paste about to rotate.

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